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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006

Location: Laos


Well I am back at site again for my last swing before christmas. I had my first break in my unit and so far so good. It is great to be able to not have to go out for brakfast lunch and dinner. Although food is so cheap it is oftern cheaper to eat out.

I also purchaed my very own motorbike on break so I am now mobile. After a few hairy moments I have got used to the bike and the absolute absence of any road rules. Anything goes here! Driving on the wrong side of the road, pulling out without looking and roundabouts are a totally different story. You have right of way onto the roundabout but then you have to giveway to those entering it is crazy!

Over the weekend I went for a bit of a ride out of town and found the most amazing temple. Out the front they had these statues of elephanst and people which were covered in multicoloured refelctive tiles. Even the smallest of villages had amazingly decorated temples! I forgot my camera so I plan to go back to get some photos. Next break i might be heading over the Thai boarder to Udon Tani which has really good shoping, with malls similar to Australia and McDonalds!!

Well I had better head off but will update you soon. look after yourselves.