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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006

Location: Phu Bia Gold Mine, Laos


I hope you and your families had a wonderful day and that Santa brought you what you wished for! Christmas was fairly quiet for me seeing it isn't a christian country. On Christmas Eve I went for a bit of an adventure out of town and managed to find Buddha Park. This tourist attraction is a field that is full of concrete Buddha statues. it is about 24km out of town but was really busy. It is also on the banks of the Mekong do it is a fairly nice location. I took a few photos while I was there and will upload them onto this site.

I then caught up with one of the guys from work for Christmas eve drinks at the Baw Peng Ngang, which is a pub on the Mekong. After a bit to eat we then went to the upper class jazz bar - the Jazzy Brick. After the Jazzy Brick we ended the night at the "On the Rock" pub which has a great live band.

Christmas day was fairly quiet and comprised of eating chocolate and watching DVDs!

Back to work today (Boxing Day) and have a heap of work waiting for me!!

Miss you all Heap and Heaps