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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Location: Site, Laos


I am now back at site after a fairly busy break consisting of mostly eating out at fancy resturants. The food here is amazing. On the first night we went to La Silapa which is a fancy french resturant with food to die for. Best thing is the prices. Being the most expensive resturant in town it cost $30 each for a four course meal with bread, entree, main, desert and a bottle of wine!! yum yum. The next night we had Italian which was also devine! Third night was indian at the Baw Peng Ngang (best views of the Mekong in town) and finally Lao Food on my last night in town. All this food and my clothes are getting tight, but that is Ok as I have been hitting the gym a fair bit as well. I have started to get a bit of a routine going which has helped me settle in better.

I have also found the Lao equivalent of the Kibab on the way home from the pub. It is a pancake with either egg or banana inside cooked on a hot plate with butter and then drizzled with condensed milk and sprinkled with sugar. Heaven!!

I had better go and do some work but look after yourselves and I shall write again soon.