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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007

Location: Laos


It has been a little while since I last wrote and I have not really been up to much. Mostly working to get a few extra days of when Kirsty and Mum come over in February. I am very excited as we are going to do some travel around Lao. With a trip up to the Plain of Jars which I am really looking forward to.

The weather is starting to warm up over here with the nights and mornings not being so cold. I even saw a snake near my house in the middle of Vientiane sunning itself!

Vientiane is definitely not like any Australian capital. There are chickens and other animals all over the place and market gardens a short walk from the very center of town. The other day I was hanging out my washing and a herd of cows wandered past my back fence stoped to look at me and kept on going. There is also a few goats that I see near my house as well!

I have well and truly made friends with the dog that lives at my units. I am such a sucker I have bought doggie treats from the local 7/11 to give her. I think she is pregnant so there may be some cute puppies around soon as well.

Well I hope you are all well and hopefully I will have some more exciting news soon!

Take care