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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: Laos


Hi All,

Hope you had a great Australia Day! I was up at site so was working but I did get to listen to the Tripple J Hottest 100 over the internet.

Jan 26th is Army Day in Lao so they had a big Basi and from what I hear it got very messy!! I was invited to a wedding in Ban Nam Ngone which is the Hmong village just up the road from the mine site. I had not been through the centre of town at night before and it is busy like Northbridge with pubs and 'guesthouses' all over the place.

I went to the wedding looking forward to seeing the bride and groom dressed in the traditional Hmong clothing and a traditional ceremony only to arrive and be told that they were Christian!!! A fairly stange place to find a Christian family, especially as there is not a Church (that I know of) in this part of the country!! When we arrived we were quickly sat down and food was promply served - Sticky Rice and Beef? Larp. L:arp is minced meat with mint, papaya and other herbs mixed through it.

Typical of the villages here, there were heaps of chrildren running around and they were big fans of my camera. I would take a photo and they would all rush in to see themselves on the digital display and then all run back for another one!! I have put some of these photos on this site.

It is only a couple more weeks and Mum and Kirsty are over and I am getting very excitied.

Catch you all later