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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

Location: Vientiane, Laos

MapWell What a week it has been!!

Mum and Kirsty arrived last Wednesday and it was great to see them again. Thursday and Friday involved some exploration around Vientiane and some shopping. Then on Friday afternoon after a number of flight time changes we flew up to Xengkhouan and the Plain of Jars. During our trip we flew over the Gold Mine where I work and then got to see all the bomb craters in the hills and paddy fields that resulted from the US bombings that occured during the 70's.

On Saturday morning we went for a tour of Site 1 (Plain of Jars) which was really interesting. Basically there is a heap of big stone jars placed around the area and no one really knows who made them or why. Intermixed with the jars is old trenches and a heap of Bomb vraters. Oh yeah and you don't leave the marked path as there is still a great deal of unexploded ordinances or (UXOs) scattered around the place!! Saturday afternoon consisted of our direct flight to Luang Prabang (LP) being canned (if it ever exisited) so we spend the whole afternoon sitting in un airconditioned airports! I think we all made a sigh of releife when we finally got to LP.

The next 5 days consisted of exploring around LP and its many Wats (temples) and included trips to the big waterfall by Tuk Tuk, a boat trip to the Pak Ou Caves and the highlight was a trip to ride on some elephants. We were even alowed to ride on their necks like the Mahouts do!! Lots of fun.

Night time in LP involved the hard selection from the many resturants scattered across the city and then some shopping in the Night Market - so very very cheap.

Wednesday we got back to VTE and Wednesday and Thursday involved some shoping and lounging around and trying to keep cool!!

I am unfortunately back at work now but it was a wonderful trip. i will definitely be heading back up to both XengKhuan and LP as they are both wonderful places in Lao PDR. I will put some photos up on this page in the next couple of days so you can all have a squiz at what we got up to!

Take Care and I miss you all.