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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Mar 2007

Location: Laos

MapWell it has been a while since I wrote last. I have not been up to a great deal of exciting travel mostly just work.

However, last break I decided it was time to go down and check out Udon Thani which is about 1 hr over the boarder into Thailand. I caught the international bus down (a huge $2.50 fare) and stayed in a guesthouse which is over a cool Irish Pub with both Guiness on tap and Bundy Rum.

After getting my bearings, holding the map the right way up helps, i found the guesthouse and i was off to check out "the Complex" which is a huge shopping centre, a Thai version of Indooroopilly shopping centre with Robinsons which is a bit like Myer in Australia.

Although there were few clothes and shoes that would fit me, most shoes the biggest size they had was a 6, i managed to do some shopping, mostly things like Clinique which you can't get in Lao.

The food at the Pub was great and I started chatting to these older Pommy guys and a younger Kiwi who is over here assisitng with the sustainable farming of potatoes!

Next day was pretty much recovering from a hangover, shopping and having a quick look at the few sights in Udon.

All and all it was a good trip and it was great to get out of Lao for a few days and relax.

Back at work now, I think my next rtrip will be to Nongkai which is just over the River and it has some good shopping and some nice hotels.

Oh I amlost forgot. You may remember that i mentioned the dog at my unit was pregnant. Well she had 8 very cute little puppies!

Well i hope you are all well.

Stay safe and i will see you when I head back to Oz for a break in May.