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fernando’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Jan 2007

Location: Argentina

Mapstill in BA but tomorrow we´re off to Uruguay for 3 days. Apparently its a bit of a chilled out kind of place so it should be a nice change from the bustle of BA. Still, we´ve managed to indulge in a bit of retail therapy and beer sampling. we´ve found this great bar/club near us called Unico. Happy hours there are great and make for a cheap night of fun. (last night we had four beers and 4 cocktails for about A$20. how good is that!

and the vibe at Unico is great. It´s like the Provincial in Fitzroy except that all the staff speak Spanish. And no tourists seem to know it so we are a bit of a novelty. It´s a great spot to sit and contemplate life with Coldplay or something like that blaring in the background.

As I sit here, thé cafe have some game show on the TV above me. It´s basically an Argentine version of Price is Right except that all the contestants are young women who all seem to be wearing loose camisole blouses. And needless to say the cameramen seem to be content on focusing on their cleavages. Sad but funny nonetheless
Kerryn is feeling at home here too - probably because she looks a lot like the locals anyway - lots of blonde blue eyed types around here.
Sorry I haven´t updated the photos but the PC I am on doesn´t have a USB connection so can´t load pics. hopefully next time.

more later - take care

love Ben and Kez