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fernando’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Jan 2007

Location: Argentina

Mapthanks to all for your messages - been great to hear from you as well as get updates re cricket etc
Alas, still no post - 1995 computer available that will allow me to load pics. At least the internet is free is our hotel in MOntevideo, Uruguay. Soccer-heads will know this town well.
Today is Kerryns bday although I have to say Montevideo on a Sunday morning is drop-dead quiet, so not sure what we are going to do. We have decided not to go to Punta del Este - its a bit like Gold Coast and will be packed with Uruguayans, Argentinians and Brazilians. Aye curumba!
Instead we will go back to BA today and leave for Cordoba tomorrow.
REally hoping that I can find a decent PC soon as pics are much more interesting than my words.
People here are awesome - unlike other places you can really trust the taxi drivers, although my limited Spanish has helped. There is just so much to like about being here.
In hindsight we talked about whether is would have been better to got to Antarctica last - that place was so magnificent that everything else suffers in comparison. A pity, cos BA is a fantastico place
more soon