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fernando’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jan 2007

Location: Argentina

MapHAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRYN (for yesterday)!! Don´t worry, took her out to a reallly nice Italian restaurant
have loaded some (but not yet all) pics - Click on the Antarctica folder in the photos section.
Back from Montevideo and may I say that that city is the most boring place is the world! Bit of a shame as I had been looking forward to going there. Probably the most interesting thing was accidentally walking into Montevideo´s pitiful excuse for a casino which was overrun by Koreans (at least I looked the part). Not to worry, I think I´ll eventually look back on Uruguay with some fondness
Anyway back in BA where there is more life - off the Cordoba tonight by bus.
As I write this I am distracted by the Miss Mar del Plata*Beach Babe contest that is on TV. A more sleazy yet strangely entertaining beauty contest I have yet to see. Right now they are judging what seems to be the best arse competition - this involves the contestants parading their rather ok posteriors to the judges. Oh forgot to add that each is wearing the tiniest g-strings I have ever been forced to view. Each g-string would consist of no more than 1(one) square inch of cloth - and that includes the bra.
*Mar Del Plata is the Argentine version of the Gold Coast
But the funniest bit is that the judges consist of a panel of rather obese, 50 year old grandmothers! I suppose that is to help maintain the family rating of the show (it´s 6pm right now).
It´s experiences like these that make travel so funny - like last night when we snuck into a session of the Chinese Born-Again Christian church here in Buenos Aires. Quite a sight to see Chinese in BA praying in Spanish!
Till next time
Ben and Kerryn