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fernando’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Jan 2007

Location: Cordoba, Argentina

MapCurrently in Cordoba which is just about smack bang in the middle of Argentina. Hit a bit of a low point - both of us ate some dodgy Caesers salad and have been suffering from a bit of Bali belly (or to localise it - the Argie Ache). Plus its been raining here for a couple of days and some of the things that we had planned such as bush treks (to see condors) and horse riding have had to be postponed due to the rain. some of the villages in the surrounding hills are so pretty and chilled out - makes a nice change.
although Cordoba is really lovely you can only see so many old churches and monuments. to spice things up we treated ourselves to a movie (Casino Royale - bloody good too). movies only cost us A$2.75 each.
I think we are also sad because we are suffering from PATS (Post Antarctica Trip Sadness). After being in such an amazing place, everything else suffers in comparison - trust me Argentina is sensational but Antarctica is the most sensational place to visit.
I´ll devote a separate diary entry to it (probably sooner if it rains again tomorrow).
Not too worry, as we both agree we are still very lucky to have been there in the first place.
Back to Cordoba - the best part of the place is summer evenings in the main town square Plaza San Martin which is surrounded by beautiful old churches (which we have checked out twice now). It´s lovely to see families, couples and packs of dogs just laying around talking, singing, catching up with everyone etc. Much better idea than sitting around in front of TV - these guys have the right idea. Aaah bliss.
Anyway weather forecast is good so hopefully we can get out of town in the beautiful mountain side to do some other stuff.
Take care
Ben and Kez