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fernando’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jan 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapREalised that all this time I've been writing about Argentina - a few words about Antarctica.
As you've seen from some of the photos, this was the most unbelievable place we've been too. Yes, places like Italy, Japan and India were fantastic places to experience but Antarctica was almost surreal and 'out of this world'.
Here are a few things that I'll remember most about the place.
- Kayaking through a maze of icebergs
- the crazy sounds of the penguins when we were in the penguin rookeries.
- the sheer isolation of the place - no power lines, no phone calls, no internet, no TV. For 2 weeks we didn't have a clue about what was happening in the outside world.
- The silence amongst all of us whilst we cruised past the first massive iceberg that we saw - although we ended up seeing lots of bergs, the image of that first one will always be amazing.

How cold was it? Yes it was cold but strangely enough it didn't bother us. The fingers on my right hand were nearly frostbitten a couple of times (I took the glove off to use the camera) but other than that it was fine.
Sea kayaking was a favourite particularly when groups of penguins (and occassionally seals) would swim alongside my kayak. It was also great to be in control of where you were going rather than relying on a zodiac boat driver.
More later...