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Aimee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Nov 2006

Location: Lopburi, Thailand

MapGood Morning
Well I am back at work after a fantastic weekend in Lopburi, to see the Monkey Buffet.
The Monkey buffet is held each year around the last weekend of November in Lopburi which is 160km north of Bangkok. You can get there by Public Bus (MoChit), Train (Hualompong) or by mini van from Victory Monument - which is what I did - it's cheap and quick at 100 baht and taking just on 2 hours.
We stayed at the Asia Hotel - which was clean and tidy and great value at 300baht for an air con room, the hotel is in the old Lopburi and its walking distance to everything you need to see in town,
We had dinner at a great thai resturant called White House - at 9pm (or same toomb in thai) a good covers band plays, it was very relaxing to sit in the courtyard, drinking a cold beer and listening to good music, the band plays both english and thai songs, the female singer doing particularly well , some of her aucustic songs were powerful. Having been inspired by the band we headed back (after a stroll round town to work off the delicious dinner) the hotel had a karoke bar - so off we went to infliced noise pollution on the poor custumers. Good fun and te only thing i can say in my defense is that at least the English songs had by thai standard sexy videos (girls in bikinis) so it gave the other customers something to distract them from the dreadful singing.
Next morning we had a delicious full cooked breakfast at Nooms (opposite White House)
Then off to the Buffet, the buffet is held to thank the monkeys for the money that they bring to the area, the monkeys are not afraid of people and in fact mind your bags as they have a side line in pick pocketing. The monkey live in and around several of the ruined temples in town - nearby they also have made homes on peoples balconies. It was an amazing sight to see these wild animals so comfortable with large numbers of people, they certainly enjoyed the feast and in particular they are fond of coke, they will come and try to take it from you if you happen to have some on you. This year the townspeople made giant popsicles for the monkeys with frozen fruit and vegetables.
The monkey's are there to see anytime - not just the Monkey Buffet weekend, and its well worth going to the area to have a look. Nearby thee are several Waterfalls, Wineries, Rck climbing and the Sunflowers so plenty to see and do once you've had enough of the Monkey's.