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Aimee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jan 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHowdy all

I hope that you had a great Christmas and ate and drank to your hearts content!

I had a fabulous time my folks were here and we managed to do a lot but also take time to simply relax! So what did we do?

Well at the start of December we went south for a week, and stayed with Mac's parents, they live on the river and it was a great experience they have a very simple existence but still have lots of fun, we sang karaoke and Mum had a ball dancing with Mac's Mum their language barrier did not seem to matter everyone got on very well, although my head hurt a little from translating still not as fluent as I would like to be but that's a new years resolution! (along with giving up the fags!)

Then my folks had a few days at Bang Krut a nice seaside town where they were able to relax, and enjoy them selves.

Then we went down to bring them back to Bangkok we had the weekend at Ch-am which was great except for the infamous banana boat ride which ended with mum, mac and I getting attacked by Jelly fish! It hurt so much and 3 weeks later I still have great big scars on my legs!

Maurice then played Santa to the kids at my school he really enjoyed himself and he's been booked for next year if he can make it.

Then it was off to Lopburi to see the monkeys again a nice trip we took a friend of mine Kristen and Ruby June her 4 month old baby it's a nice quiet town with great shopping and the monkeys are something else. Ruby really enjoyed herself and she is the most amazing baby not a cry in the whole 3 days traveling talk about the perfect baby!

Finally it was Christmas eve, we were very lucky to be invited to another friend of mine Lyn and Patrick for a proper Christmas dinner- Lyn goes all out and we had prawn cocktail to begin, followed by a full Christmas dinner ham, turkey, stuffing, roast veggies even Brussels sprouts! Followed by proper Christmas Mince pies how she did I don't know but goodness me it was beyond delicious!

Then on Wednesday 27th (and Carol we had a birthday drink for you too!) we celebrated Maurices 70 th birthday, a bit early but it was a special night he really enjoyed himself! We went to the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant it is truly spectacular and the profits go back to the community which is nice.

And then they folks flew home! We drove south to spend New years with Mac's family and before I know it, it will be time to return to work, the holiday over!

Wishing you all a very happy new year and all the best for 2007!