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Aimee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Jan 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapGood Morning
Its a surprisingly cold day here in Bangkok, a friend phoned this morning to ask if it reminded me of New Zealand, which to be honest it did a bit.
Thought it was about time I wrote another update, although to be quite frank not a huge amount has been happening, but I'll try my best to make it interesting.
We are having a bikini and bbq party at my house tonight for Alex's 3xx birthday (I don't think I am allowed to put her age) it should be a bit of a laugh - although given the temperature I don't think we will be swimming (or wearing bikinis for that matter)
The other weekend I went up to pattaya to see Dion in a Muay Thai fight, (which he won in the first round! - well done) Pattaya was great fun - I had forgotten how well it is set up for foreigners, the food is delicious - on the first night we went to a seafood buffet, which was amazing: lobster, prawns, steak, sushi - you name I tried to eat it! and it was unbelievably cheap!!!!!!
The next morning Miriam and Dion introduced me to their breakfast cafe - well that is going to be my downfall - you could get - toasted sandwiches!!!!! And unbelievably delicious! I had almost forgotten what it was like to eat toast or sandwiches for breakfast - and these ones were the top of the range - so the rest of my holiday was spent waiting for breakfast time so I could get more of these toasted sandwiches!
Enough about food!
We are off to the New Zealand Ball on the 17th February - am running around like a mad thing trying to get a dress made, it will be good fun - have got a good table and of course NZ wine and NZ Lamb is served- so I am going for that alone (here I am talking about food again!)
Well thats it for now - will add more photos on the weekend - my computer at work is a bit slow for uploads