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Aimee’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007

Location: Thailand

MapGood morning
Well, we have a 5 day holiday here which is all good, I have the NZ Ball at the end of the week and a bit of shopping and a pub lunch (how decadent during the week) before then. All is well here - it has started to get hotter - it is the beginning of the hot season - you kind of forget how hot it gets here, but my pool is still at sub zero temperatures. Hopefully it will warm up soon, it has a diving board which is the only way i can get into the pool and truly it is heart stopping when you hit the water.
My trip to Penang last week was good, managed to fit in some shopping, and a bit of rest and relaxation, it was very hot in Penang - much hotter than here.
I also stocked up on the gossip magazines - so I am up to play with all the latest news and views from hollywood. (Not much has changed!)
Well that's it - I'll write again after the ball and include more photos!