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Saturday, 18 Nov 2006

Location: Phi Phi, Thailand

MapWell as most of you will know James and I left Australia on the 10th for
a few weeks in Asia before starting the ski season in France. We have had
a lovely week so far... staying with Sincas and Anna (friends of James')
in Singapore for a night before heading off with them to Krabi in Thailand.
we hopped a boat with about 6 million other tourists to Phi Phi Island
which is beautiful but a bloody mad house - the boat broke down and it was
stinking hot so three hours in the sun stuffed us before having to fight with all the scandinavians for a place to stay and then finally having to pay an
exorbitant amount for our first night. Apparently there were about 30
people sleeping on the beach.

The island is amazing, the tsunami went straight across it from one
beach to the other and wiped out a large portion of the island, taking with it
3000 locals. They are still in the midst of rebuilding and it looks like
that will be going on for some years yet.

It is surrounded by coral reefs and we took the opportunity to go scuba
diving which we had never done before and was incredible. There were
lots of Nemos, puffer fish, and brightly coloured fellas, as well as a seasnake
and some spectacular coral. We also hired a canoe and did a bit of a row
around the island (well around one corner really - we don't seem to be kayak
fit!). I think the best part was lots of yummy thai food and daily massages, cheap as chips!

After 4 nights we headed back to Singapore and had a couple of days
there. Singapore is incredibly efficient, taxis are cheap but they're about the only thing... We had a really yummy meal at a local establishment called
Samy's - where they put a banana leaf in front of you and start dishing
out indian, which you eat with your hands - or at least some of us did.

We are now in Viet Nam (for the APEC summit with Georgie boy!) arrived
in Hanoi last night and we are now trying to organise what it is we are
going to do. We have two weeks here which should be fabulous.

Anyway that's about it from me - I know you're all probably thinking -
Emma's travelling again... now we have to endure those lengthy emails...
but hey at least Mum appreciates them, so there! Will have to develop an
"unsubscribe" button!

Would love to hear from you all.

James and Em xx