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james_emma’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jan 2007

Location: Meribel, France

MapWell we have had an interesting couple of weeks! We arrived in Les Allues on the 14th after a lovely stay in London with Ness and Duncs Backus. Doing a number of touristy things while there. We had a fabulous time and caught up with a few people which was great! We got the chance to go on the slippery slide exhibit at the Tate Modern and also spent quite a lot of time in museums - anyway I think I saw more tourist sites in those 10 days than I did when I lived in London.

John who owns the Chalet in Les Allues where we are working lives in Surrey so we went out there to pick up our mini van which will be ours for the season. Apparently the guys last year took it for a quick test drive the day before going to France and crashed it into a post! So it has seen better days. It took us about 15 hours to cross from Surrey to Les Allues, as the roads are pretty amazing it was quite a breeze - especially after driving Brisbane to Armidale and vice versa every weekend for the last 18 months...

Our chalet is pretty cool - very homey - 4 stories with narrow staircases the last of which goes to our room and is actually just a ladder... this can get pretty hairy after a few beers, but we're quickly becoming experts at climbing it drunk! Fortunately all the warmth from the chalet goes up into our room so it is really warm and cozy. We have had a pretty cruisy time so far and haven't had guests since the 9th until the 25th, which would be fabulous if there was snow... but even so it has been great, the days have been spectacular here and we have been doing big walks all over the shop. We have met some really great people and have been having dinner parties and generally boozing so it's been fantastic.
James and I found a refuge on our walk yesterday which is about an hour and a half walk up the mountain so we are trying to organize a few of us to go up there for a night.

Hopefully it will dump here soon and we will be able to get up the mountain again. We have been up a few times and it is an amazing ski resort - absolutely huge but the last big snow was on the 2nd of Jan and the days have been really warm so it is now really icy and very dangerous. One of the guests at Mick and Ang's (see photos for face reference) chalet had an accident on some ice yesterday and broke her pelvis - we dropped her fiance down to the hospital today and he says she won't be able to walk properly for a good couple of months. So as it is we are not that keen to go up there.

As far as us being slack at writing - this is purely due to a virus we had on this computer - not at all because we are lazy! So a belated Merry Christmas and hope all your resolutions work out for the New Year.

Lots of love Em and James