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james_emma’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Mar 2007

Location: Les Allues, France


Well we have been somewhat slack I guess... no emails for 2 and a half months... do we call that slack?!

We have been having a lovely time of it and winter has finally arrived - 6 weeks before the end of the season. The snow has been quite average and up until the start of this week with temperatures up to 22 degrees we thought the season might be over before we knew it, but good old global warming has loosened up and given us a week of winter down to -17 degrees and a fair swag of snow, just in time for James' arrival back from the land of Oz. We had a pretty huge day and I managed to bury myself a number of times in some seriously deep powder.
We are now trying to make the most of the snow and the fact that we have no guests.

We were both able to get home for a couple of weddings which was fantastic and great to see our gorgeous friends wed - although I still can't believe we're old enough for that sort of thing!

Not much else to report except that we are having a great time. I am currently trying to convince James that we should cycle around Europe after we are finished here, I think I have him inspired but we will see...

I will also pop some photos on, it has been glorious here with bright blue sky days up until this week.

Anyway love to you all, promise we will be better emailers now.

Em and James xx