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Chesh & Freddo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Sep 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapOn a rare and lovely sunny day in September we took an hour long train trip through the countryside to visit Cambridge.
Cambridge is a quaint, university town filled with little shops and curiosities. We found Hotel Chocolat in the back streets and spent ages drooling all over the rich, gourmet chocolates with yummy flavours like strawberry & black pepper and rasberry & cream.
We finally dragged ourselves away from the choccie shop and ambled into the main town centre which is pedestrian-only and looked at the old buildings and the impressive Kings College and other colleges found there.
There is a beautiful river which winds its way past the back of the universities and the best way to see it is by boat or punt. So off we went and paddled along for an hour or so by punt, just the two of us soaking up the sun. Well, Lyndall soaked up the sun and felt like a movie star kicking back while Blake did all the hard work pushing us along with a huge stick and trying not to get it stuck in the mud and fall in. There were quite a few other, less experienced boaters on the river so it got tricky at times and one guy decided to block the whole way by getting his stuck across the river, he was huffing and puffing but not much happening but at least his wife (and half the people boating) thought it was pretty funny.
After all that 'exercise' we found a good ole english pub to have some British tucker, fish & chips and pie with chips. The pub was an old hangout for squandron pilots in the war and they have their signatures scrawled on the roof along with an assortment of photos from the time so it was a great place to reflect on the relaxing day we had in Cambridge.