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Chesh & Freddo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Newcastle, Australia

MapMarch 3rd 2007 - Well, Renee and Craig's big day had finally arrived. It was a beautiful sunny summer's day, all you could hope for on your wedding.
For the gals it meant we were off to an early start 8am to the hairdressers. It then took 3 hours to curl and pin our hair into place but the hair stayed in all day and night. The make-up lady swung into action at 1pm and it was go from then on having to paint five faces but it was worth it as we all looked beautiful, especially Renee the bride.
The photographer had been sneaking around since 3pm and always when Lyndall had food jammed into her mouth.
Limo arrived at 4.20pm to whisk Renee, Lyndall, Belinda, Lisa and Lindsay to the Town Hall for the ceremony. We were all melting by the time we arrived and anxious about falling down the marble staircase but still very excited.
The ceremony was lovely and everyone in the bridal party looked buffed and polished. The heat was bearing down on us but we all managed to hang on til the end without fainting.
Then the bridal party was hurried off to the cooling air on the beach to get the photos done and more in Civic Park.
7pm the bridal party returned to get the party started... with cocktails and finger food, funny speeches and dancing til we all turned into pumpkins at midnight.
It was a fantastic day and night and no better way to celebrate the wedding of a great couple.