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Chesh & Freddo’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Mar 2007

Location: Seal Rocks, Australia

MapBlake and Lyndall headed off for a week in Treachery near Seal Rocks NSW for Renee and Craig's honeymoon. This might seem a little unusual but really makes lots of sense, they have been together for 7 years, travelled the world and lived together so why not spend their holidays with friends who have travelled to see them for their special day so extending the celebration just a little. Also Renee said she would have spent most of the honeymoon on the beach, alone, as Craig went surfing.
Some people pitched tents whilst others enjoyed the log cabins with ocean views. Either way it was very relaxing and quiet with birds tweeting, dingoes lurking, rats stealing food in the night from our kitchen and the stillness only broken by occasional RAAF jets booming across the ocean doing 'tactical manouvres'.
It was though a relaxing few days spending time with friends, eating bbqs and roasting marshmallows and catching up on board games when the weather was unkind.
On the way home Blake and Lyndall stopped in to see the "Biggest tree in NSW" as Lyndall's dad had insisted that they see it. This tree is over 400 years old and it is pretty massive at 70 plus metres high and set in lush bushland, better see it quick before Johnny Howard turns it to woodchip!