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Chesh & Freddo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Nov 2007

Location: Mt Baker, USA

MapBlake and Lyndall drove down to our friend's (Sarah and Ray) cabin in Mt Baker USA for a long weekend. There hasn't been much snow yet so no chance to ski but we had plenty to keep ourselves amused.

On Saturday the girls (Sarah, Lyndall and Candice) drove out to the awesome outlet shops near Seattle. The motto for our day of shopping was "it's practically free" as the Canadian dollar is really strong over the US dollar. We managed to spend about $700 altogether which was pretty good for 4 hours frenzied shopping. We stocked up on leather handbags, underwear and shoes!
The guys wisely opted to stay at the cabin and enjoyed rounds of drinking/golf games, riding dodgy bikes in the pitch black dark and beating locals at pool in the pub. We all finally called it a night when the guys had been drinking for 15 hours solid...needless to say they were pretty hammered.

The next two days for the girls, were spent relaxing around the cabin whilst Ray and Blake crawled around in crap under the cabin trying to fix the sewer pipes...yuck! So we had no water for two days but at least Ray dug a hole for me as a toilet. It was just like camping but sleeping in a nice, dry and warm cabin.

Monday was sadly time to head back to Van but not before a massive storm overnight had blown over powerlines so no electricity to clean up...good ole candlelight and brooms.

We all had a great time with plenty of laughs and board games to keep us amused. Can't wait to head down there again when the snow starts!!