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Chesh & Freddo’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Dec 2007

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapBlake and Lyndall hopped on a Greyhound bus bound for 5 days in the snow at Whistler, we were all decked out with new snow jackets and pants so were very excited about all the snow to play in.

Dooly and Leigh met us there and their UK friends from Dubai, Laura and Brill. We stayed in a single room log cabin with one bedroom and a loft which is where Blake and Lyndall slept. It was very cosy and warm with metres of snow at the doorstep. Leigh and Dooly have a fully kitted-out van so were happy to stay in that for the next few nights.

The next day was beautiful, clear skies and everyone bursting to hit the slopes. Lyndall took a full day skiing lesson as she had never skiied before and all the others spent the days checking out the runs on Whistler Mountain. Skiing was pretty hard to learn but managed to learn a snowplow to a full stop which is very important to know. Lyndall's knees didn't like skiing though with the constant bending and forward slope of the ski boots so by day's end was pretty sore.

Christmas Day, we had a rest day to recover and went to the Tube Park for some easier snow fun. It was awesome sitting on a rubber tube and hurtling down a snow covered mountain. It was snowing pretty heavily so it was a good day to have off.

Boxing Day, Leigh and Lyndall headed out for a full day snowboard lesson. The others headed off together to find some more tracks to play on. Leigh skiis quite well so she picked up snowboarding pretty easily. Lyndall took awhile to pick up any skills but managed to fall over many times. By the end of the day, Leigh did a green run home while Lyndall caught the gondola home.

Our last day, Blake and Lyndall went to the beginners hill for some more practice. Lyndall started off well showing the 'pendulum' move back and forth across the mountain but is not great on the turns. Blake was very patient trying to teach her and tried his best. We decided to head down to the bottom via the easiest green run and it was all going well with Lyndall slowly making her way. Then a beginner skiier who apparently didn't know how to stop or turn plowed straight into her and they cracked heads. The stupid chick didn't even apologise or check if I was ok and just got up and kept skiing. Unfortunately, her confidence was shattered and the rest of the run was very slow and ended up walking part way down. But as they say, just need more practice.

We both had an awesome time despite some small accidents and are looking forward to some more boarding in Mt Baker for NYE.