Mark’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006

Location: Rishikesh, India

MapAh Bliss - I left Haridwar this morning more than a little aprehensive that the North of India wasn't for me. The bus was seriously busy but i had a seat and it was pretty scenic. I decided to head to Rishikesh [despite its holiness] when I saw the place I was rewarded - absoultely amazing the ganges runs through it, its torquoise and really nice looking. It has a couple of suspension bridges and loads of wicked temples. There are a lot of spiritual travellers about but I quickly learned to ignore them. I met a guy called Sam from near Heathrow, he was am experienced India traveller and a funny guy. He also introduced me to the beauty of Talis a staple in the North [rice, potato, dhal, cauliflower, chapattis] they cost roughly 40p. Here was a place i could do some serious chilling and I set to reading Dracula a most inappropriate read. Oh ye I saw this sunset ceremony which was seriously cool the Maharishi was singing and there was fire and drums and shit, a whole kids yoga school swaying along [and i didn't get hassled for money at all].