Mark’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006

Location: Pushkar, India

MapHaving Spent only a day in Jaipur, we decided to move on to Pushkar. Pushkar's only attraction is a lake, it is a very nice lake though and in said lake Gandhi's ashes were spread. It is a mosy holy place like many of my chosen destinations so far. In this case it seemed to be a giant tourist shop. It was pretty nice and some of the restaurants were good with nice views. To be honest my only activity was walking round the lake where i saw some cool birds and watching the sun set, we also tried to go to a Gudwara but it had just closed. I also found a bookshop which Howard Marx had visited [a polariod proved it]. We booked tickets for the next evening to Jaisalmer which left at 10pm. I also bought flights to Goa for New Years - which was a bit of an extravagance really.