Mark’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Dec 2006

Location: Jodphur, India

MapI visited the fort - Mehrangarh. It was a real British style tourist attraction, with audio tour and museum. It kept me entertained for hours. The views out onto the city were breath taking and also very blue. I wasted away the rest of the day drinking chai and juice in anticipation of catching my 10 pm train to Jaipur to fly out to Goa. The connection time was five hours which by Inidan standards is cutting it fine. When the train finally showed up two and a half hours late I realised why! I couldn't find my carriage and after pissing about on the platform for an eternity I depserately jumped into any old carriage - it smelt like piss and was packed. I jumped out, ran, fell over, ran some more, got into a clean carriage, realised I'd lost my shoes more running. I was then informed by people who spoke no English I was in thewrong carriage - they didn't seem to understand the train was now moving and I may be in it as I feared missing the train. After two hours sitting on the floor I found my sleeper carriage, where I couldn't sleep as it was too cold. First sleeper journey not a success.