Mark’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Dec 2006

Location: Jaipur and Goa [Palolem], India

MapI found myself at a station at about 6am, I wondered where it was and whether I would get to Jaipur in time for my flight. I was just about to start dozing again when a man walked past, I asked where we were..."Jaipur". I dived from the train with moments to spare - in very un-indian style the train had made up time. There were several happy hours at Jaipur airport before my lunch time flight. I arrived in Goa, it was 3pm and hot, very hot. I managed to get to Palolem the most beautiful beach I have ever seen before dark and I celebrated with a beautiful, cheap, cold beer! I stayed in a beach hut which was very basic, but gave the right kind of atmosphere. I went for a swim, this place was good!