Mark’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Dec 2006

Location: Goa [Vagator], India

MapNew Years Eve did not dissapoint. I started in Nine Bar which was packed with tourists, I moved on just after midnight. I was with a bunch of English and Australian people, after about an hour blasting around in a taxi deciding where to go. Half of us ended up at this massive rave at a place called The Hill Top, it was huge and came with a compliment of cheap booze stands, glow paint and stick sellers, and chai shops - not to mention the omlette makers. One of the Ozzi guys Mike bought everything in sight, before long he was wearing two hats, was covered in glow paint [as were all of us], and carried more glow sticks than seemed possible - no suprises he was about as drunk as a person can be. I returned to my room sometime the next day, where I slept for most of the next day.