Mark’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2007

Location: Hampi, India

MapI awoke early to move camp accross the river to where there were rumours of beer. Hampi was a beautiful and unbelievable place, the whole region is strewn with house sized boulders and there are bits of temple and whole temples everywhere, all covered in stone carving and sculpture. The other side of the river was serviced by a single boat, with a 50km trip to get to the other side by road. The boat ran till 6:30pm each evening after this you were on your own. No suprises the following day I was to be stranded, someone kindly offered to show me a spot where I could wade accross for a hefty fee, funnily I kindly declined and found a cheap room for the night. When I finally got back accross the river I discovered that films were played everynight - awesome, I saw Road Trip which was a kindly reminder of days back home. In the following days I also watched England get hammered in the one dayer, i just happened to be watching it with a few Ozzi blokes. I saw almost all of the temples, which involved crossing mountains and cycling for miles.