Mark’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jan 2007

Location: Hampi

MapI finally decided to leave Hampi, I booked myseflf onto the first night bus I could. I then made a rapid round-up of the tourist attractions by climning a hill to see a monkey temple and visited a lake. It happened to be a festival day in the centre of Hampi, so with my bags in tow I quickly headed to Hospet from where my bus left. On the bus I met Sittar a friendly guy, who told me all about spirituality very loudly - i fained interest, so well in fact that he came to see me off beforemy bus left. I was in Hospet for too long, there is nothing there - i drank juice, chai and wondered aimlessly. I met a social worker who I spoke to for ages, he was a nice guy so I gave him my e-mail to send some info. I got on the bus at 10pm it left at 11:30, it was monumentally uncomfatable - if my previous night bus journeys had been bad this was something else. I was on the very back row and the seat didn't recline, I not only couldn't sleep but was very cold and was flung a metre in the air by each rut and bump. I met two Glaswegian guys in front of me with reclinging seats - who most annoyingly could sleep.