Mark’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

Location: Mysore, India

MapMysore is only 3 hours from Bangalore so I headed down here on my way South. There is quite a lot to do here! There is a palace, a zoo, a hill. Having lazed around all day on my first day the 17th I decided to do them all in one day - it was pretty tough. The palace was pretty amazing and a quick tour sufficed. The zoo was also very good, I learned how large tigers are and also saw some other cool animals. By early afternoon I was finished so I headed up to the hill, I got a bus up which made me realise how high it was. I walked back down it was 1000 steps down with a 5m high cow statue [Nandi] in the middle. After this I thought it was a 2km walk back to the city - it was actually 12km. So late evening I returned, having been too stubborn to catch a bus. I resolved to leave Mysore ASAP!