Mark’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Jan 2007

Location: Kochin, India

MapI made it to Kerela in one piece and quickly made it over to the touristy bit called Fort Kochin. The other bit Ernakulam had a festival with 190 elephants on - I was too tired to notice, night buses! Fort Kochin was nice but really expensive! I spent the afternoon sightseeing, I visited a Dutch palace with amazing frescoes. I also took a look at the Chinese fishing nets which are pretty interesting - fresh fish was being cooked everywhere. I took a look at the most uninspiring looking palace - only to discover the most amazing frescoes of the Ramayana. In the evening after a long knap I headed down the a traditional Kathakali performance. This is a type of Kerelan theatre where a story is told through music and dance, with a complimentary sign language. Sounds bizarre right: this was the most boring two hours I can remember. It was just terrible - oh the boredom!!!! I returned home having some how managed to hold out till the end and slept.