Mark’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Jan 2007

Location: Madurai, India

MapAfter finally dragging myself away from Varkala I decided to start a mammoth migration to Nepal stopping at a few places on the way. My first stop was Madurai famous for the Sri Meenakshi temple complex - which is truly awesome. I didn't arrive till midnight on the first day having spent a day of torture listening to something along the lines of annoying Bollywood Classics 10000000. So finding a very cheap cell I awaited the coming of morning for some serious sightseeing. When I woke I booked another night bus to Chennai [anyone would think I was a masochist] I then went for a strole to the temple and had a look around. The temple has five or six towers surrounding a giant stone wall, all painted in beautiful colours and carved exquisitely. There was a hall with one thousand pillars which was pretty immense. After this I went to a couple of minor sights which were a let down. I also purchased a couple of souvenirs. All in all a pretty busy day. I entered the bus to Chennai with much foreboding - I was correct in my assumption it would not be a pleasant journey. The bus conductor a typical Indian bureaucrat refused to keep my luggage at the front of the bus so I had it to keep me company in the footwell, long legs and a huge bag don't fit, I found little solace in some or other contorted position.