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Michelle and Dave’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2006

Location: Beijing, China

MapRight then China; had a really good week, bit of an eye opener and think we dropped ourselves in at the deep end for the first venue but had a really good week and got a lot out of it.
Arrived on the 19th at 8am local time after an excellent flight with BA, we had free drinks all the way so were a bit hungover and confused at the airport by the time we got there.

We afforded ourselves the luxury of a nice hotel for the first night, despite being a nice hotel it was in a bit of a rough area and i think most people had never seen a westerner before, they were looking at us like we had 2 heads. Michelle saw a young lad having a sh*t in the street which was nice.

Highlights of the week included a day trip to the great wall and some ancient tombs, exploring the forbidden city, window shopping in the expensive boutiques, getting hussled by two blokes on bicycles, and eating some very strange animals.

There were hardly any bars in beijing, they dont really know how to enjoy themselves but after the few weeks we'd had before didnt really do us any damage to stay off it.

Both of us didnt take to the food very well to start with so we spent 4 days eating 2 McDonalds a day, getting into the local culture and all that!

So we enjoyed the week and were glad we went but i dont think either of us are in a rush to go back.