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Michelle and Dave’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jan 2008

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

Map20th to 22nd January 2008

We spent these 3 days frantically trying to achieve 2 things - extending our visas as we have been in Colombia for nearly 2 months - and trying to get booked on a sailboat to Panama as soon as possible.

Extending the visa was difficult and we had to go backwards and forwards to the DAS office 3 times and pay money in their bank, have passport photo s and even fingerprints taken!

It turned out that their were more backpackers wanting to travel than there were sailboats leaving and we were worried whether or not we would find one. We looked at 2 and spent a couple of days hanging around the yacht club ´Club Nautica´hoping to meet someone sailing.

One of the boats we looked at was tiny and would have had 10 people on board and 2 of those people would have no bed so we said no thank you!

The other boat had a private cabin and bathroom but was also quite small and the captain had a really bad reputation, so it seems we are getting no where.