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Michelle and Dave’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Playa Blanca, Colombia

MapUp first thing, packed camping gear and left the rest of our stuff at the hostel. We caught a boat at about 9 to get to Playa Blanca, the journey took about an hour on a tiny fiberglass boat overloaded with people and boxes on rough seas! The boat was constantly flying over the top of big waves so we would fly for a few seconds then slap off the water so hard we thought the boat would snap then fly again constantly for an hour. All of those beers last night started to seem like a bad idea. Eventually we rounded a headland into more peaceful seas and slowly approached Playa Blanca.

We offloaded our backpacks and jumped into waist high water and walked up to the most incredible beach that we have ever seen. The sand was a brilliant white color and the sea turquoise and the sky bright blue with the sun beaming down on us. It looked like the photographs you see in magazines, the epitomy of paradise.

We put up our tent right on the beach under a tree and no more than a few metres from the sea.

We spent the day lying on the beach, Dave on his hammock that he put up right next to the tent sunbathing, swimming and cooking on the camping stove.

By late afternoon the whole beach was deserted and we had it to ourselves. After watching sunset and having a few cold beers we had a really nice peaceful and private night alone in paradise