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Alena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Dec 2006

Location: Lugo, Italy

MapCiao everyone!!!

I really dont have that much to report as my days are spent doing nothing so far and relaxing... the first holiday in a while!!!

I tell you what though it is SO cold here... a different cold than home but cold all the same... soon it is going to drop by another 15 or more degrees and go into the minus!!! I dont think that any clothes made in Australia would be able to cope with the cold... Everyone here so far seems to be living in over sized sleeping bags with arms and a hood... I think they look quite silly, unfortunaltey though I will succome and buy one as they do look warm...

ok... my first stop was Rome... I was only there for a few days but absolutely loved it!!! I will definitly be going back soon!!! I went to the Vatican and to the Colosseum, the other photos I put on will be just a few Piazza's around the place that had sculptures I studied at school, so may not be really exciting for some (Micheala!! hehehe)

where I am living now is a flat in Lugo, which is in Ravenna. It is really quite nice and all new.. so far the town is quite boring as it is a small city and I am used to the life of Sydney!! the coffee and food are fantastic, which means that I will be joining a gym quite soon!!

mostly what I have noticed is that everything is small... the people, streets, houses, CARS!! EVERYTHING!!! so super small...

there is limited text so I keep it short and update soon...

I will leave you with some translations for the towns which are surrounding Lugo..

big kisses to all

p.s. I got a rid with the Caribeneiri!!! it was the coolest... apparently they dont do that!! hehehehe