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Alena’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006

MapHello all my loved ones!!!!!!!

not only do I miss you all dearly, I also miss Australia!!! Italy is fantastic but the newness of down under is a nice luxury that you take for granted!!!

I have to admit though, that the food does far outway any problems I may have with all things disfunctional because of their antiquity... luckily I am not working and can enjoy the pleasures of a few hours of excersize, turkish baths and spa's so I can indulge in all the nice foods...

Micheala be extremely careful, the chocolate here is so much nicer, so creamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........

Mum, be more careful because the streets are not in any ordered manner, they are anywhere and everywhere, luckily though they all apparently lead to Rome so if you are lost, just keep walking!!!

and Venezia... I really cant say much about this place because my knowledge of words really doesnt describe even minutly (and my spelling is worse) what a place this was... the only thing I do recommend for travellers to Venice is to make sure you check out the resturant that you are going to, I made the mistake of going to the most un-italian place on earth!!!

I cant stay long to keep typing, the photos took up too much time!!! I have to go but will add more diaries before some more photos of my week away in Bologne with my crazy Itlaian friend Marco

Big kisses to all