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Alena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2007

Location: Italy

Mapok... this may take a while to update you all on what has been happening, I am not sure if all can be remembered to the way it was as opposed to the way I want to remember it, as much of my time was spent with wine/vodka/beer in hand.. but you can pardon this as I am on holidays and it was the festive season.. apologies also for the unattractive photos I have over this time, little sleep was also had!!!

But now for the stories....

mmm, 1st stop - Como

I arrived here to see and stay with my Italian sister Michela on the 23rd of December, I spent christmas with her and her family and I can not tell you how wonderful they are, so inviting, generous, funny, sweet and fantastic... they did although fill me with too much food - constantly for 3 days!!! not complaining though because I managed (somehow) not to put on weight and to taste some of the most spectacular food... and for Nan, we are no longer having pudding for christmas, we are now having panetone... YUMMY!!!

Also in Como I met and ate and drank with Michela's friends, also a lovely group of people, very very funny.. I didnt manage to get much sleep, getting to bed at 6 in the morining non stop for a week!!!

2nd stop - Madonna di Campiglio

MIO DIO!!! I am in love... this place is amazing, my favourite so far.. and I think to stay my favorite... I was awe struck with everything, everywhere I looked there was something that took my breath.. the mountains here are stunning, there was not as much snow as a usual winter, but I think I am happy with the amount because it still had enough snow to make them amazing but left enough of the earth below to show the complexity of the geology... I could rant and rave about this place for hours, but for those who dont have an incling for geology would most likely find this entry boring, SO, I will keep to program... Miky and I went hiking in the mountains, through the skiers and through the snow (with her dog Vanilla - which is the funniest dog!!) and then by night we went driking and dancing in the clubs, 6 asleep again, then hiking and 6 asleep again... the photos can show you not only the view but also the every growing blackness under my eyes!!! but, again I am not complaining as my fondest memories arose at this place, the feeling in my stomach admiring what was before me......

Next, 3rd to Bormio

Bormio again is a wonderful place (also due to the complexity of the geology here) but even if you dont love the way a mountain folds, you can still take pleasure in the sites you see... this is where New Years was spent... many a fond memories here too, 3 of us sliding down a mountain on one snow board, catching chair lifts without skiis, sitting in a bannana chair taking the sun half way up a mountain... many many more!!!

For new years, I was in a Baita, a house in the middle of the mountain with nothing but snow around, we feasted and drank and drank and drank, then shook champagne and drank some more while watching fireworks jumping in the snow when the clock hit 12... then inside again to more drinking and dancing and drinking and dancing!!! the message has been recieved I do think, but it stopped a while when we caught the snow buggy back down the mountian to the village, and then... yes you guess, more to drink!!!

Back then to Como for a week or so, I recovered in Bed with a terrible flu, but now I am better and just home from La Spezia, a region on the coast overlooking nothing but ocean.. I stayed in a friend of a friends holiday house (or should I say 5 houses in 1!!!) amazingly huge right on the ocean looking over a very cute bay, we walked around the village of Lerici and drove around just admiring the beauty, mum, I know that once you see this part of Italy you are never going to leave, it is everything you think it to be and more as you cant have the feeling, the sound and smell from a photo or imagination...

Enough of boring you to death with my uneventful life story... hehehehe, you should be jealous, I am having the time of my LIFE!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

let me know how it is back home

kisses and love to all