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Alena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Location: Italy

Mapwell well... what can I say about what I have done in the last month... or a more operative statement "what I have NOT done" to tell the truth, I have really not done a lot, still relaxing and relaxing and more relaxing, not sure if you could get any more relaxed than now...

I have made a wonderful friend Eva, I am going (I think - but you all know about me and plans, they change more often than my underwear...) anyway, I INTEND to go to Switzerland on tuesday for Carnival with Eva... I am not sure of what carnival really is, but they play jokes and dress up, like halloween but not "scary" so I should have some more photos to upload for you soon and possibly some more interesting things...

I have probably told most, but I met a fantasticly interesting man a while ago and he is off working around the world but introduced me to a friend of his who happens to own a jewellery shop, I met with him last week and he asked me to design some things and possibly make some jewellery soon (not sure as I got a little confused as to what he really wants from me, but anything involving jewellery I do know, so doing whatever wont be hard!!!) So, tuesday when I meet again I may have some interesting news... Tuesday seems to be the day that it will all happen, then wednesday I am off on a trip to sort out some papers... not sure where I will stay, maybe Bologna again, I like that place, its where I first found wolly... I have seen him a few times since then and always manages to make me giggle quiet ridiculously... which I am sure most could imagine as I did and do laugh extremely often, as my crows feet can show!!!

I go, my hands are cold, outside on the balcony inthe cold to get reception, now though, I need warmth, update soon with some pictures

baci to all