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Alena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Mar 2007

MapOk, Im back, back to normal, head not messed up by horrid hangovers today, but tomorrow alas, again it will be so... tonight is the night Miky and I have designated for a girls night... I most likely will havemore photos to put on for you next week, I take the camera today to Brunate, the day here is lovely, sun out, many people around and quiet warm... not australia warm, but warm enough compared to the cold...

Just wanted to say a quick hi to all with my head in full function and to say to all I miss you, kisses, love, hugs and smiles, hope you dont miss my crazy antics too much or my slightly warped humour either, dad though can fill my shoes on that one, so can Michela (as long as she doesnt tell her story of "black-a-matta")

big kisses