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Alena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Apr 2007

Location: Italy

MapDear All...

Today is monday, I am tired for no reason at all, didnt do anything overly exciting this weekend, just chilled with friends and relaxed - as I am getting quite used too!!! But, being monday, the memories last of the days of too much work and study, so alas, I still suffer from monday itis...

Ok, updates... mmm... OK, as you are all probably well aware, mum arrives in Italy on the 25th, which is in 2 days time, I am exceptionally happy to see her and to see how all things are going at home, it doesnt feel like I have been gone long, but its nearly been half a year!!! AND, I must admit that a lot has changed with me, new haircuts, new styles, new tattoos and the most important, I have learned how to relax and just enjoy... So, it will be interesting enough to see how things have changed back home, or is everyone caught in a slower rate of change as all things are the same for them???

Ah, many plans have aspired in the last week or so, this weekend I am off to France down the south near Monaco and Nice with michela for 4 days, then I am back in como for a little and I will try (if I dont have to teach) to get down to the Cinque Terra to meet mum for a few days then back to como until the 9th May, then we are off to the Adriatic Coast to go find beach jobs and apartments for michaela's imminent arrival on the 25th!!! these next few weeks are going to be hectically busy which is a remarkable change from the sameness I have been in for the last few months... So, as it goes, I will be over by the beach for the summer going to work right on the beach which will be so fantastic... AND, I get to see my best friend again (Stefano for all those who dont know) and also Mattia, another friend I made in Australia... oh, and there is Bavi aswell... many people I havent seen for a while!!! Which will be lovely... and when the summer is over, Michaela is gone off to England I shall once again return to Como for the remaining months of my time in Italy before I head off to England myself....

BUT... I asure you all, the photos of the time michaela and I spend together will be worth logging on and inspecting... imagine 2 Vlazny sisters carving it up on Italian beaches - 2 of the funnest craziest funniest girls from OZ together again... hehehehe, and with michalea adding to these diary entries will give you peace from my way of writing and a fresh face to the photos will be a wonderful change!!!

Oh... YAYAYAYAYA.... mum, michaela and VEGEMITE!!! this is the best ever!!!

will write and add more photos when I return from france

all my love to everyone