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Tanvi Down Unda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Dec 2006

Location: sydney, Australia

Map1st blog on the other side of the road. The internet is everywhere so those who thought i wouldnt be stayin in touch are WRONG. Sydney is amazin. so many hot people in this country im in heaven. went to club called Gaff's last night met some brazilian guy who told me that he was a serial killer and that he was gona kill me - WHAT A FREAK!! i always attract the bloody weirdos, i told him how weird he was and ran away from as quick as i could-apparantly its brazilian humour. everyone is sooooooooo nice,im havin a wicked time dont miss home one bit. im def not comin home for a while now and am hopin to go south america after aswell so peeps start savin and come join me. hope ur all well and surving the cold british winters ul be glad to know that it isnt that hot here yet, global warming has really f--ked up oz summers so i aint had the chance to blickin myself yet but jus you wait il be sendin you photos when i get to the abo stage. peace n love or bhAloBAsheeeeeeeeee xxxx