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Fee’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Jul 2006

Location: Greek Islands, Greece

MapMike and I flew to Athens for a quick visit of it's Ancient sites. The heat in Athens was searing and I had to stop and sit in the shade to recuperate regularly. I've become soft spending time in rainy Ireland.

A day later we boarded a ferry very early in the morning to Mykonos where we spent 6 days lying on the beach and drinking cocktails. The beaches don't have sand instead they have large pebbles and the water was crystal clear. Super Paradise Beach has several day club/bars on it, by 4pm the music started cranking and every podium in sight was taken by bikini clad dancers. It was really cheesy! We also hired a car and drove around the island exploring different beaches. Mykonos is a party island but we were there to relax and it's tiring spending all day lying on the beach!

We spent the next 6 days in Santorini which is the top of a volcano. It is a very beautiful place with black pebbly beaches. Again we relaxed on the beach sipping on cocktails. The island was covered in white churches with dark blue domes which made a fantastic contrast with the blue sky. We went on a tour which took us sailing around to the other smaller islands that make up Santorini, went swimming in a hot spring, climbed crater of volcano and then watch the sunset at Oi which was stunning.

The food was excellent but one can only handle so many greek salads. We also ate Gyros which are like a kebab but they put chips in it... greasy but tasty.