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Brad and Amanda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Mar 2008

Location: Devon & Oslo (Denmark to come), Europe

MapA lovely English morning to all,

I am not going to offer apologies this time round- we are having far too much fun and enjoying the 'lovely' (please note the use of sarcasm) European weather. A few people have commented on the lack of updates, so thought we had better step up and finally do an update for those loyal readers out there.

Ladies first - Amanda is still loving being in Norway, her job is going well and of course she is loving having the children around (easier that way when you can give them back to the parents!!!!). She is playing a role between second mum and big sister, with a touch of english teacher thrown in there. So of course Tove and the family are loving having her there- I think it might be hard to pry her away come the summer! She has just been on a trip to Denmark to see some sights and sounds, but mainly to take the kids to Legoland (how jealous was I??????????) I haven't seen any photos yet as she only returned last night and all I got was a tired phone call letting me know she is safe. I shall get her A-into-G and get her to fill all in with the details of how the trip was.

As for me- life in Devon is great! The people I am staying with have gone away for 2 weeks on a holiday, so I am in sole charge of Heath Farm- 14 dogs, 3 horses & 2 cats to be precise. Pretty scary stuff really. Work is work and it gets me and and a-boot which is nice. I got a little car to charge around the country side in- so far so good. She is named Daisy and is a real head turner!!!! Weather has been lousy- lots of rain and wind and coldness... although Amanda tells me to harden up and I don't know what cold is!!!! I just remind her that she is the one complaining of our second winter in a row!!!!!!!!!

Nothing really to report on the travels front from me- just happy being in one place and trying to save a bit of cash for the next bit. Hope this finds everyone in good shape.

much love
Brad & Amanda

p.s. Amanda will write in the next couple of days.
p.p.s. English rugby is boring