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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006

Location: Great Wall of China, China

MapWe have spent 2 days walkign aong the Great Wall of China. There are so many stairs, it is unbelievable! The wall snakes along the ridge line continuously towards the horizon. It is so crazy and stupid that they bothered building the wall on such ridiculous terrain - many workers (slaves) would have fallen to their deaths.

We walked 11km along the wall between 2 little towns. Parts of the wall have been rebuilt and is just the way it would have been during the Ming dynasty. But lots of the wall is unpassable and the bricks have fallen down the hillside. Ladies trying to sell postcards, t-shirts and posters followed us most of the way along the wall.

We returned to the wall for sunrise, over an hour too early (thanks to poor communication from our guide)! It was freezing up there, about -10 degrees! The breath on Alex's scarf and his sweat on his fleece turned to ice. The light and atmosphere was beautiful, as we were the only ones on the wall, but Gemma scored a cold for her troubles!