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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Jan 2007

Location: LongJi Valley - Rice Terraces, China

MapHappy New Year!! We have been hiking in the rice terraces for 2 days - it is the 8th scenic wonder of the whole world?!! we had really good weather for winter, so the visibility in the mornings was good. it was all very nepal. we would have liked to walk longer, but cest la vi!

meet 2 minority groups - the yao and zhong people - yao women are very aggressive sellers whilst zhong people are very placid and freiendly. we had a cultural performance and dance on NYE, watched a horable movie and went to bed at midnight!
On the bright side the country food is much better -- awesome pancakes and deep fried banana and french toast!

Gemma reconfirmied her vegetarianism after inocently coming across a pig being killed for dinner - Yum!

The bus ride down the mountain was a little hair raising as it was drizzling with blind curves and landslides. We passed 2 car accidents!

Now it is time for our final leg out of China and into Hongkong. The last overnight train!!