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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Jan 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

MapHK = another dirty great big city! the type of shop til you drop stop over city. everything is expensive compared to china and the atmosphere is hectic!

We have made travel plans today to be finalised tomorrow. We are going to fly Ho Chi Min city at 8pm on 4th instead of going to bangkok. we will then make our way overland through vietnam and cambodia into thailand and fly home from bangkok on the 28th as planned.

tonight was our liast night with our group, had a nice dinner in the night markets. we are looking forward to the next leg of our trip, when we will write again

Sorry everyone about not posting for a week, as a earthquake destroyed the internet cable to china (ahh technology), but HK uses satelite technology.

take care. xoxox