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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2007

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

MapWe went on a day tour to a Cao Dai temple (a religion of SW vietnam) and to the Cu chi vietnam war tunnels. the temple was a little wierd, we watched a pray service. the tunnels were very interesting and so small - alex actually fitted into a real tunnel (30x60cm)- we also crawled 100m through widened tunnels for westerners (60x80cm). but it is harder than it looks in the picture. we saw all kinds of booby traps and lots of bomb craters. We had a good day!!!

we spent the last 2 days in a sea side village relaxing at a resort, it even had a pool. we hired 2 motos with drivers and went on a tour to see the local sights (check the pics) - yellow sanddunes, red canyon, white sand dunes and lotus lake, and fairy stream. riding the motos was pretty cool, but the landscape wasalso amazing.
the rest of the time we spent reading our books by the pool. now we have a our energy back, tomoorow we are heading up the mekong river on a 3 day tour to Phnom Phen!!!